Beautiful Lake O’Hara In Yoho National Park

Lake O'HaraLake O’Hara is a lake at an elevation of 2,020 metres (6,630 ft) in the alpine area of Yoho National Park, in the province of British Columbia, on the western side of the Great Divide with the province of Alberta and Banff National Park to the east.
The lake and the valley are accessible through a bus service that is run by Parks Canada or by an 11 km hike along a road with an elevation gain of approximately 500m.
Lake O’Hara is one of the most sought-after hiking and camping destinations in the Canadian Rockies. Every year, when the reservation system opens up, thousands of avid hikers try to make the booking, and only a handful of them is successful and can start planning their Lake O’Hara trip.Lake O'HaraLake O’Hara is a true gem – a unique collection of exquisite lakes and hanging valleys linked by a well-maintained network of connector trails and high alpine routes. Visitors can choose a single breathtaking destination or link two or more together for an unforgettable day.

Lake O'HaraA stairway of small ponds serve as incremental passageways from the deep, frigid glacially-fed lakes found largely above the tree line in the high plateaus sourcing Lake O’Hara’s basin. Seven Sisters Falls, visible from the lake approach, is the most immediately striking evidence that O’Hara makes a strong case for the title of most stunning lake in the region.
Lake O'Hara

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