Luxury Train Trip Through The National Parks Of Canada

Luxury train tripHave you ever wanted to go on a leisurely, luxury train trip while enjoying some of the best mountain scenery in the world through the National Parks of Canada? Just imagine being pampered and well-fed on board the luxury rail service which runs from April through October along different routes spanning Vancouver, Whistler, Kamloops, Jasper, and Banff.
Unlike a flight of the same duration, there’s no Wi-Fi or on-board seatback entertainment, and cell phone service is rather spotty. But you will get an experience of a lifetime!
The Rocky Mountaineer tourist train company offers over 65 vacation package deals and train trips throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and the Pacific Northwest.
The popular Canadian Rockies Highlight package is a nine-day journey that takes you through Banff, the Canadian Rockies Circle, and Lake Louise. You will experience the Rocky Mountains up close via the very same route that united the nation 150 years ago. These destinations are a must see at least once in a lifetime, with countless photo opportunities and memories that will provide many stories to tell your grandchildren.
Luxury train trip CanadaYou’ll be able to scale the sides of mountains or weave alongside steep canyons – all without having to worry if you brought the right shoes or not. Just soak in the natural splendor in comfort.
Watch this National Parks of Canada video:

Majestic beauty awaits you, prepared to be mesmerized!


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